jpgjpg – more than just a NFT comparer

I always wanted to create and make something after gaining my design skills (lol). I finally had an excuse to design something meaningful and put my design capabilities to the test when my friend Spencer hit me up. We decided to work on a passion project together and created jpgjpg, a NFT centric application to help people gain insights into NFTs they are interested in. We recently launched our first feature “Compare”, which allows users to compare two NFT collections statistics. Our two man team consisted of me as the designer and him as the developer.

Cards and vibes

We had so many discussions on how we wanted to present each NFT collection, and after many back and forths I insisted on showing them in a card format. I wanted to capture the retro, pixel vibes of NFT collections like CryptoPunks in our design language by using sharp colors and clean lines. I also drew inspiration from Pokémon cards and especially loved the way they laid out information on a card. I definitely spent way too long on refining the aesthetics and visuals of the cards to reach my vision, but I am glad I did because I knew that the main cards would take center stage on our web app.

Other designs

I also designed our logo, icons, branding, and everything you see on our web app. Honestly, this was way more challenging than I thought because it was really more of a graphic design role than product designer since our features are still relatively simple. Thankfully I always had an affinity towards the UI side as a product designer and this helped me polish my craft even further. I am really proud of what I designed and hence the similar aesthetics in my own portfolio.

We are fully aware that the interest in crypto and NFT has died down (as of writing this in Oct 2023) but we are very happy with what we created! Many more features to come in the near future.